Who’s the Old Dog?

Little cute dachshund puppyMy beloved dog has finally caught up to me. It’s a sad day. She kept her puppy spirit for most of her fifteen years and up until recently, she’d meet me at the door with a toy in her mouth, a racing tail and grunts and whines that were unmistakable squeals of joy. When her body takes its time to rise from her bed and she walks slowly toward me with a drooped head, confused about what awakened her, I realize we share so much more than memories.

Imagine my delight when her ears perked up as I dusted off her harness and leash today. I strapped her in, eager to take advantage of renewed life in that old body. My octogenarian canine’s tail found the accelerator and those little legs the strength to keep up with my much longer ones as that sniffer at the tip of her nose explored the rekindled odors of a warm spring day. Maybe she’s just been hibernating.

4 Responses to “Who’s the Old Dog?

  • Aw, I love Snickers and know the pains of a dog getting older. Hope she’s got many more years of walks with you! 🙂

  • Yes! Hibernating! Let’s go with that.

    It’s so, so difficult to watch our dogs grow old – their lives are just too short. We must love on them every second we can, cherish every moment.

    • She gets so much loving – when I’m home. Otherwise that hibernating thing has become her life. Summer is our “together time.”

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