Author Note: The Weir Chronicles Series

The Weir Chronicles is a story of forging our place in the world when we don’t turn out as expected.

At the heart of the epic series are four individuals, Ian, Rayne, Patrick and Jaered, each one a disappointment in their parents eyes. In spite of their perceived short comings, they learn to believe in themselves and, eventually each other. They discover that strength isn’t given to us, but that it develops from adversity, hardship and unspeakable loss. Their life’s steps eventually lead to understanding, and the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

The greatest revenge isn’t abandoning those that reject you, but forging a new path. One which leads you to places you never imagined and brings out what you’re capable of – someone unique.

I hope you choose to travel alongside them through the pages of their story. Their struggles may be similar to yours whether you share their destiny or not. No one truly struggles alone.

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