How Weir Are You?

Green Earth On Grass

Answer these 10 questions to find out if you may be a descendant of the Weir. If your answer is yes, give yourself one point

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. Tally at the end. Note: some questions have more than one possible answer.



  1. Do you prefer outdoor activities over indoor?

  2. Do you enjoy animals, have a pet and/or open your home to rescued animals?

  3. Do you have live house plants? Give yourself an extra point if they live longer than a year.

  4. Do you cultivate flower, herb or vegetable gardens? Potted varieties absolutely count.

  5. Do you have locations on your patio or in your yard that deliberately attract and support wildlife such as a hummingbird feeder, a bird house, butterfly bushes, etc.?

  6. Do you often take pictures of nature and/or do you have pictures in your house that bring nature inside?

  7. Do you live in an area where you can recycle? If so, give yourself a point for each of the following: paper, plastics, glass, aluminum/metal, other

  8. Do you recycle outside your home? If so, give yourself a point for each of the following: work, school/campus, eating establishments, parks/trails, camping, other

  9. Do you contribute to charities that support/protect our planet? If so, give yourself a point for each of the following: domestic animals, wildlife, environment protection

  10. Do you work, volunteer or frequently visit: a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, botanical gardens, nature and science museums, parks, other related

A score of 16-25 = You must be a direct descendent!

A score of 10-15 = In all likelihood, a distant relative

A score of 5-9 = A Weir wannabe, keep up the great efforts!

A score of 0-4 = You might be Duach. I’d improve my chances if I were you.

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