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  • Hi!

    I’m looking for new clients and I wanted to know if there are some design updates or changes in your site that you’d like to be done. Modern websites are not only good looking but they are also capable of doing just about anything you can imagine to make business processes easier between you and your clients. If your website can have both beauty and efficiency, then it would definitely build your business credibility.

    I am an excellent web designer that is able to do just about anything you can come up with and my rates are affordable even for small businesses.
    Please let me know if you’re interested in getting this consultation and proposal (it’s free) and I’ll be happy to give you a call.

    Julia North

    • Hi Julia,
      I’m sorry I haven’t responded before now, but the fall was a crazy time for me. I am not interested in your offer at this time since I have a computer tech friend who graciously offers to help me with misc. programming. But I am considering adding links to my novels so I can expand my market with direct sales. If he can’t help me with that, I’ll definitely take you up on your offer for a free quote. Sue

  • Hi Sue,
    I’m an RMFW member, and I want to congratulate you on your IWOTY nomination. Yay for you!
    Also, it sounds like you do some pretty important work with children. It must be very rewarding.

    • You are so sweet to reach out! Thank you! I’m am so excited about the IWOTY nomination but recognize I’m in the company of two amazing women that I’ve known for years and greatly admire, so the “competition” is tough. I LOVE working with children and have spent most of speech therapy career with them. I’m excited to be spearheading the new Teen Chapter of RMFW this year and thrilled for our inaugural teen track presentations. If you’re interested in being part of our Teen team, let me know and I’ll keep you connected about our classes and meetings. I hope we have a chance to meet in September if not before! Sue

  • We met at Denver ComicCon. I already finished your books and enjoyed the story. Waiting for the next book on the series to see what the trio are going to do. I mentioned the book and a mini review on a series of videos I make for people back home. The video is in Spanish. You can find it on

    • Jesse, Thank You so much for the shout-out about my novels! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them 🙂 Sue

  • Sue, had no other way to contact you…are you still going to be speaking at the Boulder YMCA for the author series on Nov.15 at 11 at the Mapleton Y? Jyoti

  • Hello Sue, my name is Avery Anderson. I am a student at MSU Denver. I am the host and producer of a tonight show that we have called ‘The Nightly Met’. I would love if you would come on the show as a guest. We film every other Monday from 1:00-3:00pm, if you are interested please let me know. I have also put a list of dates below that we have spots open still:
    Aug.15th, Aug 29th, Sept 26th, Oct 10th, Oct 24th, Nov 7th, Nov 21st, or Dec 5th.

    Thank you,
    Avery Anderson

    • Hi Avery, it sounds like fun! I have a “day” job and could only make it on Nov. 21st, so I hope that is still open. I’m curious, how did I come to your attention? Sue

  • Lightword Publishing
    Since 1995

    Dear Sue Duff,

    I read a Kirkus review about Fade to Black, reviewed 11/03/2014. I visited your website and found your mail. If interested in submitting a nonreturnable book to be considered for a recommendation and review in the Mindquest Review of Books- please read all submission requirements.

    Your book will not be considered unless the submission requirements are met. Lightword Publishing believes a selected book should receive a positive review.

    Bernie P. Nelson, Owner
    Lightword Publishing

  • I am very impressed! I will keep checking back.

  • Sue- I’m so proud of you. All your hard work has paid off. Luv ya

  • looking god I’ll check in on a regular basis

  • So far so great!

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