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  • We met at Denver ComicCon. I already finished your books and enjoyed the story. Waiting for the next book on the series to see what the trio are going to do. I mentioned the book and a mini review on a series of videos I make for people back home. The video is in Spanish. You can find it on

    • Jesse, Thank You so much for the shout-out about my novels! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them 🙂 Sue

  • Sue, had no other way to contact you…are you still going to be speaking at the Boulder YMCA for the author series on Nov.15 at 11 at the Mapleton Y? Jyoti

  • Hello Sue, my name is Avery Anderson. I am a student at MSU Denver. I am the host and producer of a tonight show that we have called ‘The Nightly Met’. I would love if you would come on the show as a guest. We film every other Monday from 1:00-3:00pm, if you are interested please let me know. I have also put a list of dates below that we have spots open still:
    Aug.15th, Aug 29th, Sept 26th, Oct 10th, Oct 24th, Nov 7th, Nov 21st, or Dec 5th.

    Thank you,
    Avery Anderson

    • Hi Avery, it sounds like fun! I have a “day” job and could only make it on Nov. 21st, so I hope that is still open. I’m curious, how did I come to your attention? Sue

  • Lightword Publishing
    Since 1995

    Dear Sue Duff,

    I read a Kirkus review about Fade to Black, reviewed 11/03/2014. I visited your website and found your mail. If interested in submitting a nonreturnable book to be considered for a recommendation and review in the Mindquest Review of Books- please read all submission requirements.

    Your book will not be considered unless the submission requirements are met. Lightword Publishing believes a selected book should receive a positive review.

    Bernie P. Nelson, Owner
    Lightword Publishing

  • I am very impressed! I will keep checking back.

  • Sue- I’m so proud of you. All your hard work has paid off. Luv ya

  • looking god I’ll check in on a regular basis

  • So far so great!

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