Sue Duff

I am a writer who pays the bills as a speech-language pathologist in an inner city school district in Colorado. I have a grown son and an octogenarian miniature dachshund who is perfectly happy to sleep at my feet until she wakes up and realizes she's being ignored or can't remember where her food dish resides.

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A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Potluck

Who doesn’t love a great potluck? The anticipation of who’ll bring what? A smorgasbord of decadent gluttony just a scoop away. Those that love to cook often bring the best dishes. Mainly because those that love to cook also secretly aim to impress. Everyone benefits and there’s always something you can’t wait to dig into. […]

Tick Tock: Seven Tales of Time

This has been a busy year! Not only have I added the third book to The Weir Chronicles series, SLEIGHT OF HAND, I’ve also branched out and have collaborated with an awesome group of speculative fiction writers! We’ve formed Wicked Ink Books, dedicated to publishing anthologies on a common theme. Our first novel is, drum […]

FADE TO BLACK Free ebook Giveaway!

Just in time for the holidays! From now through December 4th, 2015 click below to pick up a free ebook copy of FADE TO BLACK, Book One: The Weir Chronicles on Goodreads Giveaways Ian Black is an illusionist with a talent for keeping secrets. College student Rayne Bevan has a gift for uncovering them. She […]

Halloween Treat!

Ian’s the one with the tricks, but Patrick’s got a treat for you! Use coupon code PG86U from now until midnight, October 31, 2014 to get a free ebook of Fade to Black, Book One: The Weir Chronicles. Happy Halloween from everyone at Fade to Black Productions 🙂

A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Dinner Guests

I’ve come to appreciate that crafting a tasty meal doesn’t mean as much if it’s consumed by only the cook and no one else. The effort isn’t as satisfying when leaning against the kitchen counter and eating it out of the pot it was cooked in. Using a plate doesn’t add that much to the […]

Murphy’s Law Strikes Again

There’s a reason I recently traveled from a temperate, pleasant environment to a hell-couldn’t-be-hotter location. Family. Getting on an airplane with the outside temperature is at a lovely 76 degrees and stepping off to a blast of 108 degrees is a shock to anyone’s system. To be fair, every place you go is air conditioned. […]

Father’s Day 2014

Driveways have life’s best views. The parade of cars that my father purchased over the years went from two-doors to four-doors to station wagons and back to four-doors. One year our driveway saw his pickup truck transform into a truck-plus-camper overnight. It delivered on the promise of wonderful family excursions. I lovingly remember campfire stories […]

Murphy’s Law Targets Lawn

My lawn looks like crap. I was going to say I blame myself but it’s in part,  Murphy’s fault. It’s true. I swear. Oh, I admit that I forgot to notify the sprinkler guys to come and turn it on until after Mother’s Day. My mistake. I know. Why didn’t I just turn on the […]

A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Steep the Bones

Any good cook knows that what ends up in the bottom of your frying pan or what’s stuck and dangling from a carcass holds the most flavor. If you don’t gag at the sight of gristle or turn away from stuck-on onion and blackened meat tendons, you’ll make an awesome chef. My mother taught me […]

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