A Cook’s Guide to Writing – If It’s Too Spicy, Smile & Serve It Anyway

chiliesNot everyone can take the heat but if they get a taste, or mouthful, of something they have a hard time swallowing, don’t apologize. It’s okay to burn someone’s mouth and add color to their cheeks. It’s a sure sign that they experienced something, perhaps profound, or that they tasted something they never thought they had the stomach for.

Isn’t that what writing is about?

They’re adults. If they feel compelled to stop eating, or in this case reading, what you’ve fixed and are put off by the language, descriptions, topics, etc. they can put down their spoon, excuse themselves and go rinse their mouths out. They’ll know not to try your cooking or that spice again. Just smile and point them in the direction of the bathroom. They know where to find a glass of milk and cookies.

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