A Secret World

Green Earth On GrassThe Weir have lived among humans for more than two-thousand years. There’s no known documentation of their origins and many Weir believe that they have existed as long as the earth itself. Their purpose has been to care for the planet. To guarantee that what exists below the surface is in harmony with all that roams across it.

Not all Weir have magical powers. Only the first-born males come into the world with a core that’s housed deep within their chests. These blessed few hold the title of Sar and are identified by a triangular mark on their left breast. Their cores directly connect them to the natural energies of the planet – and its mysteries. Each Sar commands a single, earthly power. The ability to manipulate plant-life, or influence other lesser beings such as animals, are the most common and wide-spread types of powers, and these Sars are considered lower-class. The most powerful and revered Sars control and manipulate earth’s weather elements or various energies of the planet. Weir historians claim that a handful of Sars were born hundreds of years ago with the rare ability to control humans. But the temptation to use it for evil was too great and they abused their power. Seen as a threat to the harmony of the planet, they were hunted down and killed by the Weir, to guarantee that their bloodline would not survive.

Cores allow all Sars to tap into the planet’s electromagnetic fields, its vortexes, and use them to travel across the globe.

Fewer and fewer Sars were born to the Weir, their numbers dwindling with each new century. The once populace and proud Weir lapsed into a dying race of desperate men and women. By the Dark Ages, their grip on the planet, along with their influence over humankind, weakened. Natural disasters increased at an alarming rate, their intensity and devastation sweeping the planet. Wars and disease crippled the humans. Some Sars took advantage and used their powers for self-gain. It divided the Weir and ignited a civil war. Those who held true to the old ways and continued their sacrifice to the earth became known as the Pur. Those who spent their powers for self-interest, the Duach.

The Ancients, the original Weir Syndrion council, were horrified by the Duach killing the Pur Sars in futile attempts to steal powers for themselves or their offspring. Faced with the one-sided rise of power, the council created the Curse, a phenomenon that punished Pur Sars and Duach Sars if they came in close proximity to each other. The unanticipated backlash ultimately polarized the two Weir factions and cemented the hatred between the Pur and Duach that continues to this day.

In the mid-twentieth century, whispers grew and spread among the Weir. Not all was lost. A book was discovered, written by the Ancients centuries earlier. It foretold that the Last Sar born to the Weir would be Earth’s great savior. The child would be recognized by the mark of a sun upon his chest and command the combined powers of all Sars that came before him. He, alone would care for the earth long after the last Weir Sars were gone. The earth would survive.

For decades the Weir waited and watched for the Prophesied child. The Pur and Duach alike.

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