Stop and Sniff

DachshundEver since Snicker’s stroke, things have changed. I’ve become nostalgic for how things used to be but, more than that, how things are right now. Not even this period of my life that I know and love will stay the same. Nothing ever does. Life is fluid – and filled with them.

We take slower, longer walks Snickers and I to savor and smell the flowers and as a result, we’re sneezing frequently and with great gusto. All of which makes me realize I need to buy more boxed tissue. I’ve searched the house for disposable paper products. Post-It-Notes, although gummy, offer absolutely no absorbancy. I’ve been tempted by the contents of the recycle bin but, face it, that stuff’s in there for a reason. Snicker’s doesn’t know what the fuss is about and rubs her snout on the rug. Hopefully that too shall pass before summer really hits and I’m walking around in bare feet.

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