Memorial Day 2014

3D Illustration of Dog TagsI’m feeling more patriotic then usual this Memorial Day. Perhaps it’s because I made my first trip ever to Washington, D.C. last June and researching pictures for this blog post gave me an opportunity to relive that amazing experience. It’s one thing to study about our country from books and broadcasts. It’s quite another to walk the streets at the heart of our nation’s capital where they breathe the rich history. I especially loved the war memorials and tears still form months later as I look at pictures depicting Arlington Cemetery, the taking of Iwo Jima, the Korean war memorial, the World Wars memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. Walking among them drove home how our country was built, not simply on the democracy of what our nation stands for, but the blood and sacrifice it took to make, and guarantee it.

If you are, relatively speaking, a normal human being then you despise war. Many resent that it has happened, does happen or, god forbid, will continue to happen in the future. I stand among you. Yet, I embrace how it changes us. The inner strength that tragedy brings in its aftermath, enlightenment to what matters in this world, neighbors bound in worthwhile and common goals, profound respect of the tremendous cost to others, rekindled appreciation of what the sacrifice has bestowed upon us, and hopefully, wisdom. This Memorial Day,  may the vicious circle be broken as the age of technology rises ever higher and we, the world, learn the true power of communication.

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