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I am a writer who pays the bills as a speech-language pathologist in an inner city school district in Colorado. I have a grown son and an octogenarian miniature dachshund who is perfectly happy to sleep at my feet until she wakes up and realizes she's being ignored or can't remember where her food dish resides.

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Camaraderie. It’s an odd word, isn’t it? I have a heck of a time spelling it and invariably have to right click it for support every time I attempt to insert it into my prose. I don’t use it very often.  Not because of my spelling angst but because its one of those words that […]

Memorial Day 2014

I’m feeling more patriotic then usual this Memorial Day. Perhaps it’s because I made my first trip ever to Washington, D.C. last June and researching pictures for this blog post gave me an opportunity to relive that amazing experience. It’s one thing to study about our country from books and broadcasts. It’s quite another to […]

Stop and Sniff

Ever since Snicker’s stroke, things have changed. I’ve become nostalgic for how things used to be but, more than that, how things are right now. Not even this period of my life that I know and love will stay the same. Nothing ever does. Life is fluid – and filled with them. We take slower, […]

A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Garnish Isn’t Just Pretty

If you’ve reached a comfort zone with cooking and are confident your dishes taste good, you’re probably at the stage where you want them to look good. If so, you’re ready for the garnish. For most of us it’s a simple sprig of herb placed on top. If you are especially handy with a paring […]

Mother’s Day 2014

Over the years I’ve written my share of messages to my son. Notes of love and encouragement stuck in his lunch bags, sentiments that filled up his birthday and every other special occasion cards and single sheet letters (They could have been longer but heaven forbid I bore him or worse, lose his attention).   […]

A Cook’s Guide to Writing – It Looks Too Good to Eat

Attraction. It’s a major factor in getting what we want in life. Flowers use it on the bees, birds strut their plumage and for a variety of attention-getting ideas, turn to mammals (truthfully, I don’t get that whole baboon butt thing, but that might just be me). I’m convinced that sea life invented it with their amazing colors and design combinations which existed long before people walked the earth […]

A Cook’s Guide to Writing – The Oven is Hotter in the Back

I spent a wad of cash on a nice oven a few years ago because I got tired of having to open the door halfway through my baking and spin the pan around to ensure even cooking. My new appliance boasted convection settings and came with a fan to circulate the heat evenly. After several years of […]

My Writing Process Blog Tour

This site is your next stop along the Writing Process Blog Tour. I hope you’ve picked up some great pointers, feel a growing camaraderie with writers you might not have met otherwise and don’t feel quite so isolated as many of us writers tend to be while following our creative journeys. I don’t profess to […]

A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Everything is Better with Bacon

I like bacon. Scratch that. I LOVE bacon. There’s something about it that attacks and binds all five of my senses in a perfect marriage. The aroma permeates the entire house and my taste buds tingle while it stirs my stomach in anticipation. The sizzling beads of cholesterol screaming fat that bubbles to the surface […]

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