Father’s Day 2014

Asphalt`s Holes On Roadbed. Car In A Motion.Driveways have life’s best views. The parade of cars that my father purchased over the years went from two-doors to four-doors to station wagons and back to four-doors.

One year our driveway saw his pickup truck transform into a truck-plus-camper overnight. It delivered on the promise of wonderful family excursions. I lovingly remember campfire stories amidst musical chair/logs to avoid the plume of breeze-driven smoke and the comfort of sleeping bags snuggled together.

Driving lessons in the nearby high school parking lot morphed into a slew of cars that came and went during our nearly two decades of teen years. My parents scrutinized, enjoyed, tolerated and ultimately survived six-dating daughters and our endless line of suitors.

My father’s truck grew smaller and more compact as the parade of teenager cars dwindled. A behemoth appeared along with a boat around the time my father retired and my parents weekend trips grew longer as the responsibility at home diminished. The gargantuan RV was eventually replaced with a fancier, expanding model and their absences extended into entire months or half the summers away from that driveway.

Now life has turned a corner for my mother and father and their days of traveling in their RV are behind them. The monstrous vehicle went the way of his boat this year and their driveway is once again all but bare. Although the vehicles have come and gone, I’m thankful that their car continues to leave and return once in a while. Even if the driveway is only empty for a an hour or two to pick up groceries or to run a quick errand, life at my parent’s house still goes on.

Happy Father’s Day, DAD.

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