A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Even the Cook Burns Out

Portrait of scared baby against crazy mother with pan on headMy dog tires of the same bagged, dry food and snorts in disgust preferring to whine and beg at my heels for the human equivalent. Lately, she’s chosen to sniff out a neighbor’s kitchen with better prospects. Luring her back with moldy cheese no longer works. My family knew when to make dinner-hour plans away from home based on the day of the week meatloaf was served. The calendar’s space under Wednesday filled weeks in advance and the penciled scratches bled into Thursdays.

It’s easy to get into a cooking rut and make the same meals. Whatever comes easy or natural runs the risk of uninspired. The new and different requires energy that we don’t always have.

Find the energy. Make the time. Travel outside your cul-de-sac to sit on a park bench and take notes as if you have taken your first breath of fresh air after waking from cryogenic sleep while the sun’s warmth thaws out every pore. Imagine why that woman looks just like her poodle. Attend interesting seminars if for no other reason than to people watch or to study the individuals running the event. Show up at a neighborhood-watch or PTA meeting. They are always good for larger-than-life, if not stereotypical, characters. Confound your television remote and drive the teenagers out of the room to tune into the Discovery Network or the History Channel. Who cares if your kids later find you snoozing in the middle of the afternoon? You’re never too old to take naps and dream.

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  • Hi Sue! Your website looks fantastic! I just had to comment on this post because I found the most interesting “character” tonight in the check out lane at Wal-Mart (a place a find myself grocery shopping at waaaaay more often than I’d like to admit). He was a youngish man (mid 30s) and as big as the giant character in the Princess Bride movie. He was buying a large amount of cat food and three frozen Marie Calendar meals – that’s all. I often wonder what the check out person is thinking when they scan my odd array of items, but this man was worth noting and could easily be a character in a short story. Inspiration can strike at the oddest places and moments :).

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