A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Grandma’s Recipes

Vegetables and Spices on a Wooden Background and Paper for NotesUse the freshest of ingredients. It’s how our ancestor’s cooked long before perusing the small print of ingredients became the norm and not cooking healthy became punishable by premature death due to cholesterol-laden veins and obesity.

When you have something to write about, write. Don’t process, edit or over-think what is pouring out your fingers and onto the page or screen until your first draft has a last page with a final period. Use everything at your fingertips and don’t stop to read the ingredients. Keep it rich and fresh

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. The healthy will come later, when you put on your farmer hat and return to the soil, pluck the weeds and the puny sprigs to cultivate the healthier plants. Then, and only then you will cook up something tasty and everyone will know you created it from scratch.

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