A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Everything is Better with Bacon

close up of fried crispy baconI like bacon. Scratch that. I LOVE bacon. There’s something about it that attacks and binds all five of my senses in a perfect marriage. The aroma permeates the entire house and my taste buds tingle while it stirs my stomach in anticipation. The sizzling beads of cholesterol screaming fat that bubbles to the surface is  music to my ears as it heats to a glistening, brown-crisp perfection in my pan. The second it hits my tongue the salty, smoky flavor, with a hint of sweet chasing after the savory, rejoices in my mouth.

I toss it in everything, well, not exactly everything because then it would run the risk of being common place and lose its appeal. I love my bacon too much to abuse it. And let’s face it, it doesn’t belong in Grandma’s eggnog anymore than my arteries.

Bacon, or in this case tapping into our five senses and painstakingly describing everything, brings our writing to life, but too much of it and you slow your story’s pace to a crawl. Use it to draw your readers into a setting, the moment of unexpected emotion, to rev up that tension, to savor the taste of victory or crumbling defeat. If you love bacon, like I love bacon, you’ll know when you crave it or when your readers need to be drawn in with it. Otherwise toss in bacon bits here and there as needed.

Now go drag out that frying pan. You know you want some 🙂

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