In a better world …

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesI have decided that no level of technology knowledge prepares you for all things technology. It’s as diverse as sand pebbles on a beach and just as irritating to wade through when progress, or in this case a wave, slams you with the latest version. I laid claim to my domain name a couple years ago and put off developing my website for the same reasons everyone else does. Money and time, both of which went to my love of writing while avoiding the unknown. Oh, I had friends fling words around like “easy, simple, no time at all.” They gave me credit for knowing how to connect computer parts, work a mouse wheel like a pro and even compose email. I’m the “go-to” tech support for my father, for heaven’s sake!

Chuck it out the window. I’m ready to turn in my unpaid tech union card. Throwing together a website took days, countless tech support calls/emails and my first born. But it now exists right out there for the world to hover. I promise to share insight, wisdom beyond my years and my latest musings worth posting. I better. It took most of my vacation.

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