A Cook’s Guide to Writing – A Different Bowl Doesn’t Make It Different

Green BowlAunt Marie will recognize her Jell-O salad even if you did add colored marshmallows to it and used a software program to create custom recipe cards. Your mini pastel additions won’t fool anyone other than Heather picking them out and plopping them in her mouth with sea green fingers. Given that she’s a five year old, she doesn’t count. If I were you, I’d steer clear of Jello-salad. That’s so fifties. If you can’t resist then its going to take more than different packaging. Reinvent, update with something fresh and add your own personal and unique spin to it. Take what appeals to you with the genre or plot points and expand or twist it around. Tried and true characters are loved for a reason but give them traits or flaws that haven’t been done before. Be original and it’ll get noticed. Remember, this isn’t the movies where the latest advances in CGI make this decade’s Superman ice fortress that much cooler – pun intended.

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