Sue Duff

I am a writer who pays the bills as a speech-language pathologist in an inner city school district in Colorado. I have a grown son and an octogenarian miniature dachshund who is perfectly happy to sleep at my feet until she wakes up and realizes she's being ignored or can't remember where her food dish resides.

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A Cook’s Guide to Writing – If It’s Bland, Season It

Not everything that boils in my pot is to my liking. If it lacks taste or aroma, I add some spice. I’ll grab the tried and true salt and pepper but too often that isn’t interesting enough and I begin to experiment with seasonings that the recipe might not have called for. Add some cumin […]

A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Grandma’s Recipes

Use the freshest of ingredients. It’s how our ancestor’s cooked long before perusing the small print of ingredients became the norm and not cooking healthy became punishable by premature death due to cholesterol-laden veins and obesity. When you have something to write about, write. Don’t process, edit or over-think what is pouring out your fingers […]

A Cook’s Guide to Writing – Don’t Start with the Gadgets

Just to clarify, I have nothing against technology – in fact I embrace technology with every fiber of my being. I don’t want to live, or cook, without it. My meals might taste as good, but heck, it’s not as much fun when you don’t use a garlic press. I squeeze with all my might […]

The afternoon book hour

Books taught me that anything was possible. I have my mother to thank. She drove us to the library every couple of weeks to check out our allotment of books and each afternoon we were sent to our bedrooms to read psychiatric – typically, a plasma half-life of about 3sa. The cautions to observe in€™use […]

In a better world …

I have decided that no level of technology knowledge prepares you for all things technology. It’s as diverse as sand pebbles on a beach and just as irritating to wade through when progress, or in this case a wave, slams you with the latest version. I laid claim to my domain name a couple years […]

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